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Kebab Express Halal Grill serves a patchwork menu that weaves together kebabs — lamb, kofta (made with ground chicken) and chaplee (a sort of chicken patty) served over seasoned basmati rice — with American standards like chicken wings, hamburgers and fries. A smattering of Afghan dishes such as naan, kabuli palow, shirazi tomato-cucumber salad and baklava round out the menu.


All of Kebab Express’ meat is halal, and kebab plates are scalable: You can buy a single skewer of grilled chicken breast for $3.49, the same skewer over rice, with salad, for $7.99, or a double portion for $9.99.


The fusion format stems partly from Owner Ramin Wahab’s experience helping to run a half-dozen Kennedy Fried Chicken locations in New York City.


Huntington Station’s Kebab Express has about 20 seats in a tidy, tiled interior. Hours run late: Kebab Express opens daily at 11 a.m., staying open until 2 a.m. every Island.

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